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Call today for a price – or send us a message. Please note : in order to get an accurate valuation, send as much information as you can, colour, miles, service records, tax / mot, condition of body, condition of interior, smoked in, any pet hair, any faults etc. Also if you can mention what you are hoping to get – then we can try & not disappoint you. Mint condition is one owner from new, low miles, a full dealer service history, with no faults whatsoever.

We use black cap and green glass’s guide, with exceptions for special models – we also look at current climate and check various websites, autotrader and other advertising journals to reach a more realistic price. More importantly the easiest way of reaching that figure, is by asking you what you are willing to accept. In order to save precious time - please do your own homework, check around to see what your model is selling for. Then understand that a trade price is always less, as we must bring the car to a certain condition and offer a warranty.

Lets Us Sell Your Car For You

Taking all the above into account, we can offer you an even better way to sell your car. Every one is a winner, ultimately you get more for your car. Why not let us sell your car on your behalf. We will clean, advertise,demonstrate & sell your motor for you, even if it has no tax nor mot. This way you can clear your drive, rest assured that it is in safe hands, locked away & under our insurance. No hassle, we make it pain free – and sort out all the paperwork. This way allows us to get more stock in without outlaying a huge amount of cash, the buyer is happy with all of the choice. Please note : there will be a fee chargeable if you decide to remove your vehicle within 21 days of £100 to cover our advertising, valeting & storage. Otherwise no charge for no sale.

Please enquire as each car is unique, it is in our interest to sell only good quality cars to ensure continued business. We will not sell anything that is unsafe or unroadworthy. If it requires work to bring up to standard, we will only do so upon your agreement. This will be chargeable either at the end of sale or when you decide to remove the vehicle.

Our Personal Touch

Our aim and promise is to be the best at what we do and deliver the best possible experience to all our customers, with customers coming back time after time.

Guarantee Policy

We guarantee the best possible price and service for your money. Also offering a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

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Please do not hesitate to call our team on when you want to enquire on selling your car or better still pop in to our showroom.

We look forward to seeing you soon and know you will be satisfied with our great service!

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