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We are offering an unique opportunity to invest in our car business in Southam. Please read below for more details on how you can benefit from this.
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make cash from our car sales and repairs business

Whether you are a Dragon - a major player looking to make some serious money, or simply a small time investor out looking for a temporary money making scheme. Fed up with getting a poor interest from your savings, then this could be the answer for you. This is a closed invitation for the right individuals, I can turn your investment into a sound return. It could be a one off investment seeking a regular income, or a simple one month return.

A Bit More Detail - Help With Our Cash Flow

I will explain, I always find it difficult to keep my stock turning over, so as to make room for new arrivals. Cash flow is always a challenge, however with outside silent partners, this would give me a cash injection. It would bring in fresh stock ( motor vehicles ) to put on offer for the hungry public. At present I am forced to have the margins set high, in order to reap a maximum profit. Ideally I would like to sell any new arrivals, within a week. If the price is right, the car,van, or truck will leave the site within 24 hours - such is the power of on line selling. Now if I have several players, small or large - their cash will enable me to buy, buy & buy. Whilst my team can sell,sell, sell, we will prepare, demonstrate, rectify any faults and move the said vehicle on to a new home.

Smaller Risks - Fast Returns

It is a lucrative market out there, times may be bad for the country - in deep recession & all that. This is the ideal time to buy most commodities, buy when low and sell when high. Now you could invest in property, or buy shares in major companies - these are time consuming and usually you have to wait for the right time to sell. Whereas to invest with a small time business like mine, the risks are smaller. The returns can be super quick, people are always on the lookout for a great deal, it is in our nature. We are never happy with what we have, always want bigger, faster, more economical, more attractive etc. etc. There is nothing wrong with this, it is the way the world goes around.

Let Us Do The Work For You

You may be thinking, why not go out & buy yourself - that's fine, you could and will see a relative amount of success till a problem arises. The benefits of allowing me to do the donkey work, will make it easier for the right choices in model & colour etc. If any work needs doing, I can take care of that - which ones to walk away from, and which ones to invest in. Years of experience, having the facilities to offer the best deal for the customer, having all the correct insurances in place. I have a fully equipped workshop with a highly skilled mechanic. I have a valeting team, have access to new & part worn tyres. All needed in preparing a motor for sale, even when there is a come back - I can fix any problems that I encounter. More excitingly there is no-one out there that would offer you this invitation, everyone in the motor trade works in a similar way. My way will give the customer a great deal, the investor a safe return, keep my business running, keeping my staff & every one concerned happy.

Packages To Suit Your Investment

I can offer you tailor made packages to suit your investment. You will have a regular update, and input on your investment. You will be able to see where your money has been used, it will be in my interest to show you success in a short space of time. I have been in the business for over 20 years, most of my customers have become life long friends. I could go on & on about myself, however I firmly believe the proof lies in the pudding. Drop me a line, so I can send you a personal message, give me an idea on figures - so I can give you an expected return. The only way you are going to gain a taste in this exciting business is by taking the plunge.

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